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Lubrication Systems

Air-Oil lubrication systems are a very positive and effective means of lubrication.  Unlike” oil mist” systems, the oil in an Air-Oil system remains liquid.  This eliminates many of the health and environmental issues that exist with an oil mist system.  The piping of an air oil can be routed in almost any configuration to the lube points of the system.   The oil can literally travel through a tube that is tied in knots.  

  • Air provides a transport mechanism for the oil which provides a positive pressure in the bearing cavity and carries away heat generated in the bearing.

  • Precise oil delivery reduces the need to clean bearings for inspection.

  • A single air-oil stream can be divided to many outlets, reducing piping and installation costs. 
  • System can be monitored for proper oil volume delivery and air-oil delivery.

  • Robust construction.

Because of their reliability in adverse conditions, there are many of these systems installed on Babbitt Pads and Roll Grinders in North American steel plants.

Liquid Springs / Roll Balancers 

Diemx Roll Balancers are used to balance the upper rolls and chocks of rolling mills. They have application in Hot Mills, Cold Mills and Rod & Bar Mills.

Roll Balance plungers support the weight of of the top roll assembly without the assistance of external hydraulic systems. 

When used for roll balancing, the plungers can usually be installed in existing hydraulic In the bottom roll chock.  Normally the hydraulic system can be eliminated although in some cases the hydraulics are maintained to extend the stroke or to be used with roll bending. 

Advantage and Benefits 

  • Plungers are self-contained -active hydraulic systems can be eliminated.

  • Reduce time required for roll change

  • Prevents damage to roll surfaces by preventing rolls from contacting each other.

  • No adjustment required

  • Easy installation - chock modification is not usually required.

  • One moving part - one dynamic seal.