Solutions for Fluid Handling Systems

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Diemx designs and builds specialized fluid handling / control systems to meet various customer needs.  Our fluid systems cover a wide range of products from sophisticated steel mill solution application for rolling mills, to filter cleaning systems.  Below are some typical systems demonstrating fluid control and handling.  As each system is unique to satisfy customer needs please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any fluid handling needs you may have.

Filtration Systems

We can provide a wide variety of filtration systems depending on our customers needs.  These include, simple bag filters, pressure differential back flushing duplex control systems, coalescers, clarifiers, micro ultra and nano filtration, and reverse osmosis (RO).   A complete system may require one or many of these technologies to achieve the required results.  Diemx will design and build a fully integrated turnkey system to suit the desired filtration needs.


Strip and Parts Washing Systems

Continuous coil strip cleaning or individual parts washing systems are available from Diemx.  Strip cleaning systems, narrow and wide, spraying caustic or acidic cleaner have been developed for a variety of users.  Parts washers are also available. 

Lubrication Systems

Air / Oil Lubrication provides increased life and improved performance even in the most difficult industrial environments.  Operational cleanliness and reduced costs of grease disposal often generate payback for the equipment in under a year.  Proven effective in numerous difficult applications.

Hot Rolling with Oil

Diemx has developed a proprietary rolling with oil system (RWO) which has been operating successfully since 1997 on a world class seven stand hot strip mill.  Improvements in surface quality, roll life, and reduced power consumption have been dramatic. 

Strip, Bar and Coil Lubrication

Strip and bar oiling systems to reduce and/or control lubricant deposition in many different applications such as post tempering, cleaning, pickling etc.

Wet Tempering Systems

The Diemx Automation Wet Temper System is designed to apply a wet tempering solution to improve surface cleanliness, surface finish, strip quality, and to reduce smut and rust defects.  Rolling forces will also be reduced considerably depending on elongation and solution additives.

Existing Equipment Upgrade and Re-Builds

Many existing systems have sound hardware components with limited or no automated control.  In many cases substantial savings can be realized by upgrading and automating the fluid control components. Such additions as proportional valves and upgraded software can expand existing system capabilities.  As an example the 12,000 ton extrusion press at the right was upgraded by installing new proportional control with the associated electronic hardware and software.





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