Coil and Parts Cleaning Systems

We have developed a variety of strip cleaning systems for continuous coil cleaning.  Strip widths from 12 to 72 inches with gauges from .125 to .005.  Materials include steel, brass, aluminum and other non ferrous materials.  Cleaning solutions of caustic, acidic and detergent base are available with or without brushing.

The system to the left is a continuous coil cleaning system designed for steel strip 68" wide at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute.  It is over 65' in length and has abrasive brushes for aggressive cleaning.  Cleaner concentration is automatically maintained and temperature is controlled to achieve maximum cleaning solution performance.  The system was supplied turnkey complete with a waste water treatment system.

We can integrate other existing components or design new ones to create a cleaning line (such as: un-coilers, pinch rolls, bridle rolls, re-coilers, shears, and stackers).

Parts cleaning / washing systems using belt or chain to convey the product are available to remove stamping, machining or other process fluids.


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