Dynamic Camber Measurement Systems

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Diemx has developed a DYNAMIC CAMBER MEASURING SYSTEM (DCMS) for measuring the beam camber during the bending process.  This makes it is possible to obtain an accurate live feedback of the camber during the bending process.  The system is designed to measure the camber, in real time, of virtually any length and section of beam. Typical accuracy for a 60 foot (18.3m) long beam is plus or minus .04" (1mm).  

The beam camber is displayed graphically on the operator screen in conjunction with the upper and lower camber limits.  This allows the operator to account for spring back during the bending process and to confirm the bend is within tolerance once the process is complete.

 The real time feedback facilitates a faster bending process and eliminates the need for the operator to leave the controls to measure the camber.

Prior to bending the operator enters the beam data, or the data can be read from a RF tag, barcode, or other ID.  The equipment automatically measures the beam length and compares this to the input data.  An error is reported if the input data and beam length do not match. 

As the operator performs the bend the desired minimum and maximum camber tolerance along with the beam camber is displayed on the screen.  When the camber is out of tolerance the line simulating the profile is displayed in red and, when in tolerance it is displayed in green.  After the process is complete the data is stored to the hard drive.

This equipment can be integrated into existing cambering machines to allow for a fully automated operation.  To view some typical operator screens click here or on the screen image above.