Many attempts have been made to apply a lubricant to reduce the friction in the work roll bite of a hot strip finishing mill. The advantage of reduced torque, reduced power consumption, improved strip surface and extended roll life for both the work roll and back-up are well known in the industry. The introduction of ‘TOOL STEEL ROLLS’ has emphasized the need for a stable reliable state of the art RWO system. The disadvantage of unstable mill control, cobbles and strip not entering the mill are also well known, especially for those mills who have experimented with applying rolling oil to the roll bite. Most of these attempts to install a fully integrated and reliable "Rolling With Oil" system have at best, met with only limited success in North America.


Diemx has installed a fully integrated “Rolling With Oil” system on a modern, world class, 7 stand hot mill in Hamilton Ontario. The system was installed in 1997 and is fully operational applying rolling oil to F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 consistently on all products.

Significant advantages have been realized since the system has been installed. Surface quality has improved dramatically, roll life has been extended and power consumption has been reduced.



The system employs back-up roll application, applying the rolling oil to both the top and bottom back-up rolls. Neat oil is stored in a multi compartment storage tank which automatically supplies oil to a sub oil tank. Oil and water are then supplied to a metering valve stand for each individual mill. From the metering station oil and water are delivered to the top and bottom headers at each mill.


The system is fully automated using a touch screen MMI for operator input. System status is displayed in real time during normal rolling conditions. Oil flow rates, stand selection, alarms, data logging etc. are all accessed through the MMI. System control is via PLC with remote I/O and has direct communication with the mill control.




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