Solutions for Steel Makers and Processors

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Roll Balancers for Rolling Mills

Diemx designs and builds a unique self contained Roll Balancer to support the weight of both work rolls and backup rolls.  The "Diemx Roll Balancer" can be used to eliminate the hydraulic roll balancing system.  Using a compressible fluid these balancers are self contained with NO external connection and are capable of custom preloads and spring constants.  They are most commonly used to provide opening capacity for a rolling mill by balancing the work or backup rolls. They also have many industrial applications where a high reaction force is required in a limited space.  These balancers are capable of hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds of pre-load. Click picture to left for further details.


Stripper Tips and Wiper Blades for Hot Mills

Our proprietary HTL550 material developed for major steel manufacturers provides superior wear resistance, heat resistance and improved performance over traditional steel strippers, particularly for tool steel rolls.  This results in an improved surface thereby extending roll life. 

Our HTC660 wipers are specifically designed from our proprietary materials to replace felt and other high maintenance wiper materials.  Diemx wipers also offer a much greater heat resistance than the alternatives.  The service life of Diemx wipers are more than three times greater than that of typical wiper materials.

Our proprietary materials have been in use successfully for over 7 years in a number of North American Rolling Mills.


Hot Rolling with Oil

Diemx has developed a proprietary rolling with oil system (RWO) which has been operating successfully since 1997 on a world class seven stand hot strip mill.  Improvements in surface quality, roll life, and reduced power consumption have been dramatic.  Click picture to left for further details.


Wet Tempering Systems

The Diemx Automation Wet Temper System is designed to apply a wet tempering solution to improve surface cleanliness, surface finish, strip quality, and to reduce smut and rust defects.  Rolling forces will also be reduced considerably depending on elongation and solution additives.  Click picture to right for further details.


Air-Oil Lubrication Systems

Air-Oil Lubrication provides increased life and improved performance even in the most difficult steel mill environments.  Operational cleanliness and reduced costs of grease disposal often generate payback for the equipment in under a year.  Proven effective in numerous steel mill applications.


Strip, Bar and Coil Lubrication

Strip and bar oiling systems to reduce and / or control lubricant deposition in many different applications such as post tempering, cleaning, pickling etc.


Continuous Coil Cleaning Lines

Continuous coil cleaning system removes oil and cleans strip for further processing.


Heavy Equipment Re-Builds

Equipment rebuilding including both electrical and mechanical systems.  To the right is a heavy wall Tube Straightener which was completely rebuilt electrically and mechanically.  For this and other examples click on the picture to the right.


Roll Grinder Re-Builds

Grinder rebuilding including both electrical and mechanical systems.  To the left is a re-built Churchill roll grinder which was mechanically reconditioned and and converted to CNC controls in conjunction with our affiliate J.F. Martt & Associates Inc.  This grinder is now grinding 60" diameter backup rolls to +/- 0.0002".  Crowning, and variable roll diameter profiling are simple with the CNC control.  Click on image to see before and after photos.



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