Air-Oil lubrication systems are a very positive and effective means of lubrication.  Unlike "oil mist" systems the oil in an Air-Oil system remains liquid.  This eliminates many of the health and environmental issues that exist with an oil mist system.  When the oil is injected into the air stream it adheres to the walls of the tube and is pushed along in liquid form (see movie clip left).  The piping of an air oil system can be routed in almost any configuration to the lubrication points.  The oil will travel through a tube that is literally tied in knots. 

The oil delivery of our Air-Oil Systems is positive and can be metered and controlled very accurately.  A single system can deliver varying quantities of oil t o hundreds of lubrication points.  With sensors in the system the points are also positively monitored to insure that lubrication is being delivered to critical points.

Diemx builds Air-Oil lubrication systems for many applications.  The typical applications of Air-Oil lubrication in the steel industry are:

Air-Oil lubrication has many benefits.

Air-Oil is ideally suited for critical and difficult applications.  Areas where contamination such as aggregate handling are also well suited for Air-Oil lubrication.

The system shown on the right is our demo unit.  It has multiple pumps to vary oil delivery and as configured here can supply 18 lube points without further division.  With air-oil division the system can be used for testing and verification on a wide variety of applications.  Contact us if you would like to try the demo unit on your application.


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