Gearbox Re-Building

Diemx is an Authorized Service Center for Hansen Transmissions.  As such we repair and re-build your gear box to its original Hansen Specifications.  Re-building is an excellent option to restore your gearbox to original condition at a fraction of the cost of a new gearbox.  Energy savings can be realized by repairing a worn box. 

As an Authorized Hansen Service Center we have access to all of the original specifications and components of your gearbox.  This insures the gearbox is restored to its original performance using only factory approved components.

When a gearbox is received it is inspected and documented.  A full report is generated describing the problem(s) including a complete description of the repair procedure and necessary replacement parts.  Upon customer acceptance, the gearbox is fully stripped down and thoroughly cleaned.  Each part is reconditioned or replaced.  The box is then reassembled to Hansen Specifications and placed on the test stand for 3 hours.     


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