CAD / CAM Abilities


With our CAM software we can quickly develop code for a wide variety of complex parts for our CNC mills.  Complex surfaces such as mould faces and turbine components are an ideal application for this technology.  The code generating software allows for theoretical surface deviation.  If a solid model is not available from the customer we can quickly model the part in our 3D SolidWorks software.

When the solid is processed by our CamWorks program, designed specifically to work with SolidWorks, a cutter path is generated which can be animated and previewed.  This allows the operator (designer) to review the machining process prior to actually machining the part.

Our design staff work with our customers to develop the part or component, machine the prototype and then make production runs as required.

We can provide you with full machined parts or, depending on the model of your mill, with source code to run on your machine.



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