Oversize Rotary Bowl Feeder




Designed for a wide range of feed rates (from 100 to 1000 parts/minute), of various size components, cartons, boxes, containers and parts.

Large rigid ring allows for ample tooling area.

Stiff frame eliminates vibration and allows for quiet operation.

Low maintenance.




7 models available DA60 (5 feet) DA72 (6 feet) DA84 (7 feet) DA96 (8 feet)
DA108 (9 feet) DA120 (10 feet) DA144 (12 feet)  


Typical specifications for model # DA96

Footprint Diameter 120
Overall Height 31.5
Discharge Height 30
Bowl Outer Diameter 96
Bowl Inner Diameter 80
Bowl Depth 14


Standard Features

Aluminum Bowl and Disk

Circular Segmented Tooling Ring

Independent, variable speed Ring and Disk Drive  (240VAC 1 phase)

Fully enclosed drive area

Stainless Frame



Hard surfacing on Bowl & Disk Faces

Stainless Bowl & Disk

Larger / Smaller Bowl Outer Diameter

Larger / Smaller Bowl Inner Diameter

Higher / Lower Discharge Height

Clockwise or counterclockwise feed

DC Drives.

208VAC 3 phase, 408 VAC or 575VAC

Built in debris collection


Video available for to view or on CD contact us by e-mail or phone for your copy.

File is 7.7 meg and in mpeg format.