Coil Spring Inspection System


The coil spring inspection system is designed to automatically check and sort coil springs.  The current system is designed to handle a wide range of parts in the same system.  With only slight modifications springs from .5" to 1.5" in outside diameter and .8" to 2" in length.  Any other parts within this envelope can easily be added to the system.


Springs are delivered from a bulk storage bin to a vibratory feeder where the parts are oriented and delivered to the inspection unit.  Using affordable machine vision the parts are inspected for outside diameter at several points, free length on each side, coil count, pitch and surface coating.  Mechanical elements check the inside diameter for burrs and straightness.  Springs are inspected at rates of up to 5000 per hour.  The springs are sorted into "good" and "bad" containers.  The system runs essentially operator free.  With well formed springs the operator is only required to periodically fill the bulk bin.  If a part jam should occur lights and a buzzer attract an operators attention.  When a fault is generated a text display directs the operator to the problem so time is not wasted trying to find the source.


The system is flexible and can be modified to suit specific needs.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about our system.



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